Karate on Jacksons Lane, Hazel Grove, Stockport.
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Jacksons Lane Shotokan Karate Club

Club & Other News

As many of you will have already heard we are now in Tier4 which means the gym is closed.

The last day of training for 2020 will be Tuesday 22nd December. Have a good Christmas and New Year everyone. Keep checking for our first day back.

An update on training restrictions: Juniors only are allowed to train, that is 17yo or younger.

The training will restart on Thursday 3rd December 2020, please keep in mind that normal COVID restrictions regarding social distancing still apply and the routine(please see this page) for entering the dojo and training that we had in place before this lockdown also still apply.

As of Wednesday night(4th November 2020) in line with government rulings regarding gymnasiums the dojo will be closed for a number of weeks, until further notice.

Masks must be worn when entering the building, it may be removed when training if you wish.

Saturday classes have been suspended temporarily until further notice.

It has been decided that no spectators will be allowed in the dojo for the time being.

The dojo will be open again from Tuesday 1st September.
There will be some procedures that need to be adhered to so that we can ensure that we stay open.

The online karate classes started last Tuesday 26th May and have been a success. they will continue until further notice.

We will be starting online classes soon, you will need to be a current member, have Whatsapp for messaging purposes and Zoom on your phone or tablet/pc.

Due to the coronavirus(COVID-19) precautions being issued by the government the Hazel Grove High School gym will be closed until further notice. Please keep checking this page or the Facebook page for further information.

Kyu grading dates published for 2020.

Last training before Christmas break will be on Thursday the 19th December.
Back to training on Thursday the 2nd January.

New website page about positive mental attitude for karate training.

The next kyu grading date is changed form the 1st December to the 8th December.

Christmas party is on Friday the 20th of December at Hazel Grove Conservative Club. The format will be the same as last year, the ticket price will include: entry, kids games, a full buffet, team quiz entry, a free raffle, a present for each kid from Santa and a game for the adults at the end. Price will be just £3.50 per person. It was a great family event last year so come along.
Contact: Mike Moore on - mmoore34@live.co.uk or phone 0792 004 8245

The school open evening has been moved to Wednesday 16th October so the class will be open as normal on the Thursday 17th October.

The club will be closed on Thursday 17th October due to a school open evening.

Unfortunately the grading date in June has bee changed from the 2nd to the 9th, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Check the Calendar page for the new Kyu grading dates in 2019.

Family party night in Hazel Grove.
Hazel Grove Conservative Club on Chester Road
Friday at 6:30pm
Tickets are £3.50 Please speak to Sensei Mike Moore

Junior Competition
Kata and Kumite
12noon until 3pm at the Bramhall Centre

Junior Competition
Kata and Kumite
12noon until 3pm at the Bramhall Centre

Unfortunately the club will be closed tonight due to the sports hall being closed due to the weather.

Check the Kyu grading dates for your next Kyu grading.

Last training before Christmas will be on Tuesday 19th December, return on Tuesday 2nd January.

New Facebook page created for the club, find it here.

The gym will be closed on Thursday 12th October due to the school having an open day so there will be no training on that day. Back to normal on the Saturday then Tuesday.

The gym will be closed on Saturday 16th September due to the school having an open day so there will be no training on that day. Back to normal on the Tuesday.

We have been informed that the school will be closed on Thursday 12th October 2017, a bit of a way off but put it in your diaries that there is no training on that night.

Updated calendar page for Kata courses in 2017.

A Jion kata training course is to be held by Sensei David Grice at Offerton High School(where the Kyu gradings are normally held).
This will be on Sunday 29th January at 3pm til 4pm.

The last training night before Christmas will be Tuesday the 20th December.
We will return on the 3rd January. Have a good Christmas and New Year.

Due to the school being closed because of a local water leak, training tonight has had to be cancelled.

Well done to all those that passed their grading on Friday night.

Well done to all those that passed their grading on Friday night.

Saturday 1st October there will be no training as the High School is having an open day.

Well done to all those that passed their grading on Friday night.

Congratulations to Sensei Palmer who recently passed his 7th Dan grading in Japan.

New grading date for the June Kyu grading, now changed from the 3rd to the 10th June.
Grading dates.

Training over the next few weeks will change due to the use of the gym for school exams:

Please remember that at 3pm on Saturdays Seniors can do extra training with the Juniors class, some of us already utilise this extra training so please do come along.

New page added to the website for items for sale.

The last training session before Christmas break will be on the Thursday 17th December.
Then the next training session will be on the 2nd January 2016.

Well done to all those that passed their grading on Friday night.

Due to a school event the gym will not be available for training on Thursday 15th. So the next training session will be on Saturday 17th and then as normal on Tuesday.

Well done to all those that passed their grading on Friday night.

Well done to all those that passed their grading on Friday night.

Confirmation that tomorrow the 19th we will be back at the normal gym at Hazel Grove High School.
See you all there, 6pm as normal.

We have been able to organise a venue for training for the next few weeks.
The Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Academy at Oak Street in Hazel Grove, the training nights available are Wednesday and Friday, both nights will be 6pm til 7pm. The gym is above Beda Bathrooms, turn right up the stairs as you go through the door.

We have just been informed at short notice that Life Liesure will be closing for a period of 4 weeks commencing some time around the end of this month. We will keep you up to date on this page as we get more information and hopefully organise an alternative training venue for this period of time.

Well done to all those that passed their grading on Friday night.

Grading dates released for 2015. Check here.
Notification that on the following dates we will not be training in the normal Gymnasium due to school exams, on these dates we will probably be in the 'Small Studio', this is to be confirmed nearer the dates by Sensei Robins.
Tuesday 24th February - Thursday 26th February - Tuesday 3rd March

New gallery page is launched with the first of what will be many images.

Happy New Year everyone and don't forget folks it's the first lesson
of 2015 tomorrow(Saturday, 3rd).

Christmas break - the dojo will be closed for the Christmas period after the lesson on the Tuesday 16th December, it will be opened again for the lesson on Saturday the 3rd January.
Have a good Christmas everyone and don't forget 3rd January, no doubt some of us will need to work off some calories after one too many mince pies ;-)

Congratulations to the successful candidates at the grading.
Well done everybody!

New website launched, if you've got any ideas about it please let us know by using the contact form.